Thursday, December 16, 2010

~Christmas Shots~

Taylar 8 for 2 more months

Josiah 10 for 1 more month

Gabriel 12 and according to him he just had his 1/2 birthday

Drew and he just turned 14

My kids are growing up. I am home with them for now and they have been schooled at home this fall. Drew got his first buck (4pt) a couple of weeks ago. Both Drew and Gabe got to go pheasant hunting last weekend. They love to hunt and thanks to Ryan and Darrin Goins they have got to get out and get some experience.
Drew and Gabe are playing basketball for Tyro this winter. They are really enjoying themselves and the game although they have a lot to learn. I hopefully can post some pics but they will be from my phone.
Josiah is done with football this year. He loved football last year but didn't seem to get into it as much this year but him and his best friend were on opposite teams and that was hard on Siah. He's glad that he gets to hang out with Michael Whitson again...and we are looking forward to having him around more.
The kids are all in karate and its time for me to pick them up...

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