Saturday, April 2, 2011


Our house is under contract since last Mon. We have a tentative close date of April 29, and no we don't know where we are going yet but to Oklahoma somewhere between here and Tulsa. If you have been praying for us... Thank you because God has heard and answered. We know He is leading us and are very grateful! Things keep lining up and the next step is clear and I praise God for this because I struggle with these kind of changes! It's reassuring!
The kids are enrolled at Indy Bible School for the next 8 wks... they are happy to be with thier friends but I think they miss me a little. I am happy for them too, they were able to go because I am working full time til the end of May. I had committed to working while a nurse was on maternity leave and that happened alot sooner than anticipated but in time for us to know to send the kids back. Now I just need to find time to pack. I had a dear friend tell me she is going to come help me and she has always been "Gods hand extended to me"
Derek loves his job but is very tired. The drive is so long and early but he has come to enjoy the time too he told him time to decompress or gear up mentally. That being said he will be glad when we live closer.
I hope to post some pics soon...I am on the lookout for the cord to connect my camera to the thought it might double as something else and there it went! Pics hopefully later


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Derek got sent home yesterday and today for weather conditions. Local schools are shut down so it is pretty hard not to have a "snow day" even though we will have to make it up. Drew's friend Noel came over and brought his "quad" and they have been out all day shoveling a snow track to pull each other on the sled. Josiah's friend Mikey came over and they have played games with Gabe and rode the sled too. Looks fun but it is freezing out there- evident by the red cheeks and runny noses. Crock pot is simmering spaghetti sauce. Kids are all cycling in and out of the house, frigerator, showers, laundry room, and I can't keep up. Oh well I love days like this when your whole world has to stop and just let it snow. There are no pristine white sparkly yards here! There are mud tracked, upheaved tunnels of snow littered with snow monsters of sorts of shapes and sizes in my yard. It is beautiful to me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 degrees

Derek started working at Nordam Monday. Nordam is on 75 outside of Tulsa. He is excited about it...says he has a nice office but doesn't envision getting to spend much time there. He also says its about 4 degrees warmer there than home, and he has to ignore the Starbucks on the way...
Drew and Gabe's basketball team the Tyro Eagles, remain undefeated. They are having fun and I am glad they have that activity. We have discovered that Gabe has some asthma tho and are having to learn to deal with that challenge.
Josiah is 2 and 2 for basketball games so far, both losses by 1 pt. (he told me to say it that way) He's still learning to play and was pretty frusturated with himself.
Taylar and I are talking to planning her birthday party. I would welcome any ideas...we try to give her a day that is too girly for the boys to want to be around - Ha Ha.

Just some other family facts...
Zorro now weighs 83 lbs.
Chickens have started laying eggs again...well some of them.
Remodeling- we now are at the doors for the upstairs, Dad is going to have to help Derek frame them.
Drew got his permit
Josiah turned 11
We've discovered homeschoolers don't get snow days :(
Josiah might be lactose intolerant...we are testing him.
and Not only Josiah but Arnold too thinks the Whitson's is his 2nd home.

God is good...all the time.

bye for now...ts

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We got a camera, an awesome little picture taker for as cheap as it was! So I can't wait to post some action. The boys have a tournament starting...well it already started but their first game is Thurs.
Siah's basketball starts Sat so...

TWENTY-ELEVEN here we go!

I try to keep this pretty light but here is a serious little sidebar. Please pray for Derek and I as we make some major family decisions. Life is good, no complaints but we do have some choices to make and we want God's direction. It's amazing to me that Jesus Christ actually desires a relationship with me but He's convinced me so I don't anything to get in the way of that.

til later...

Oh and I can't physically decorate my walls in all the ways I want to so you all are just going to have to deal with my girlish outlets on my blog :j Too many things got broke or just couldn't deal with the environment around here so my interior decorating is pretty limited.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

~Christmas Shots~

Taylar 8 for 2 more months

Josiah 10 for 1 more month

Gabriel 12 and according to him he just had his 1/2 birthday

Drew and he just turned 14

My kids are growing up. I am home with them for now and they have been schooled at home this fall. Drew got his first buck (4pt) a couple of weeks ago. Both Drew and Gabe got to go pheasant hunting last weekend. They love to hunt and thanks to Ryan and Darrin Goins they have got to get out and get some experience.
Drew and Gabe are playing basketball for Tyro this winter. They are really enjoying themselves and the game although they have a lot to learn. I hopefully can post some pics but they will be from my phone.
Josiah is done with football this year. He loved football last year but didn't seem to get into it as much this year but him and his best friend were on opposite teams and that was hard on Siah. He's glad that he gets to hang out with Michael Whitson again...and we are looking forward to having him around more.
The kids are all in karate and its time for me to pick them up...

Christmas season again!

Derek has graduated from college! Big thing to all of us around here. Now he gets to decide what his next move is but he wants to teach and maybe go on for his Masters. Pray for him that he knows what to do.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Just wanted to post a quick not to let everyone know I haven't completely forgot about this. I will definitely have more time at home now that I am not working. Derek is on furlough so we are going to start working on our remmodeling tomorrow. Today, we get caught up from youth camp :) Our kids have their own little schedules too, more about that later.