Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here goes!!

We were at a football practice for Drew, they were going to scrimmage Coffeyville. Madi came by and although she wasn't feeling well, crawled up to straddle one shoulder then hugged my head.
Drew's team did very well. Derek said a guy at work was bragging about how much they were going to beat them, the guy was pretty quiet today. Drew's team (Orange Crush)not only beat them, Drew successfully blocked or tackled his son. They protected their house according to Drew.
Gabe has his first soccer practice tomorrow. He's excited.


~njh~ said...

Hey girl!!
I think this is a great idea!!
Cute first picture too! :)
The boys were telling me about that last night...even funnier that Drew did not know know his Dad worked with him at the time.

Leah said...

Yah! How neat you have started a blog. I hear stories about how much Madi loves her Aunt Tyra! Seth was telling me how in church she will whine and reach back for you :) Spoil her lots for me!
Congrats to Drew on a great game. Sounds like you're busy!!
- Leah

Grandma Vashti said...

So glad you started a blog!! I do enjoy looking - even if its late at night. Love Mom

The Salisburys said...

Hi Tyra! Glad you started blogging! Can't believe how grown up your kids are! Good to see you as a blogger!

Anonymous said...

We just love that picture of you on Natalie's blog on the swing! Some things in life are just "choice!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's about time. lol Maybe we can stay in touch better this way since you come to work so often. It's not like I keep mine updated or anything! But, I do enjoy our face to face chats! Hopefully, see ya soon! Sheila