Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/13 Game highlights

Ok Sorry no pics this time. We had games Sat, it was about time according to Siah. Taylar and Gabe's soccer games don't start til Mon but they have already been postponed d/t field conditions from all the rain.

Josiah had a football game against Ramona. His jersey is #25 by the way. His highlights of the game were: he ran with the first kickoff, he played defensive end the rest of the time. He tackled the quarter back and fell on the ball once. He made a beautiful tackle but didn't go down low enough and was called on face mask. That scared me, but I think it bothered him to and he will think through his tackles a little better. He has practiced hard to be running back and hopes to get to next game. They won by 18 and didn't let the other team score at all.

I didn't get to go to Drew's game against Caney. His uncle Jason and Aunt Amber took him for us. Caney really gets into their football, so their games are kind of cool to go to usually. Anyway Drew said he had a lot of fun. He blocked for offense the whole time but Jason said he did good. For some reason the coach played the same 2 plays over and over. They lost by a touchdown. Last year they beat us really bad so I was pretty encouraged it was just 1 TD this time. Drew is #65.

Well, that was Sat's game highlights. I will try to take my camera next time. Derek worked all day or 12 hrs at least, I was grateful for a break from studying and to get to do something with the kids.

Today I am thankful for many things but especially for the fact that I get to be my kids mom!



Holly said...

Hey! Just found your blog - I TOLD you you could do it! :) Keep 'em coming!

Bianca said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I saw the pictures of Taylar on my sisters blog, she did a wonderful job, Taylar is also very photogenic:-)