Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 degrees

Derek started working at Nordam Monday. Nordam is on 75 outside of Tulsa. He is excited about it...says he has a nice office but doesn't envision getting to spend much time there. He also says its about 4 degrees warmer there than home, and he has to ignore the Starbucks on the way...
Drew and Gabe's basketball team the Tyro Eagles, remain undefeated. They are having fun and I am glad they have that activity. We have discovered that Gabe has some asthma tho and are having to learn to deal with that challenge.
Josiah is 2 and 2 for basketball games so far, both losses by 1 pt. (he told me to say it that way) He's still learning to play and was pretty frusturated with himself.
Taylar and I are talking to planning her birthday party. I would welcome any ideas...we try to give her a day that is too girly for the boys to want to be around - Ha Ha.

Just some other family facts...
Zorro now weighs 83 lbs.
Chickens have started laying eggs again...well some of them.
Remodeling- we now are at the doors for the upstairs, Dad is going to have to help Derek frame them.
Drew got his permit
Josiah turned 11
We've discovered homeschoolers don't get snow days :(
Josiah might be lactose intolerant...we are testing him.
and Not only Josiah but Arnold too thinks the Whitson's is his 2nd home.

God is good...all the time.

bye for now...ts


Reese said...

Yay! Nice to have an update on your sweet family!! :) Hugs!

Madi's Mama said...

Hey! I'm so out the loop! I didn't realize Derek had started his job. Glad it is going good! And I loved reading about everything your family is up to.
Love you all!!!

Leah said...

DREW GOT HIS PERMIT??? WHAT? It can't be THAT long ago that you brought him to see Natalie at UBC :) (when he was a baby! ha)