Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Derek got sent home yesterday and today for weather conditions. Local schools are shut down so it is pretty hard not to have a "snow day" even though we will have to make it up. Drew's friend Noel came over and brought his "quad" and they have been out all day shoveling a snow track to pull each other on the sled. Josiah's friend Mikey came over and they have played games with Gabe and rode the sled too. Looks fun but it is freezing out there- evident by the red cheeks and runny noses. Crock pot is simmering spaghetti sauce. Kids are all cycling in and out of the house, frigerator, showers, laundry room, and I can't keep up. Oh well I love days like this when your whole world has to stop and just let it snow. There are no pristine white sparkly yards here! There are mud tracked, upheaved tunnels of snow littered with snow monsters of sorts of shapes and sizes in my yard. It is beautiful to me!

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