Saturday, April 2, 2011


Our house is under contract since last Mon. We have a tentative close date of April 29, and no we don't know where we are going yet but to Oklahoma somewhere between here and Tulsa. If you have been praying for us... Thank you because God has heard and answered. We know He is leading us and are very grateful! Things keep lining up and the next step is clear and I praise God for this because I struggle with these kind of changes! It's reassuring!
The kids are enrolled at Indy Bible School for the next 8 wks... they are happy to be with thier friends but I think they miss me a little. I am happy for them too, they were able to go because I am working full time til the end of May. I had committed to working while a nurse was on maternity leave and that happened alot sooner than anticipated but in time for us to know to send the kids back. Now I just need to find time to pack. I had a dear friend tell me she is going to come help me and she has always been "Gods hand extended to me"
Derek loves his job but is very tired. The drive is so long and early but he has come to enjoy the time too he told him time to decompress or gear up mentally. That being said he will be glad when we live closer.
I hope to post some pics soon...I am on the lookout for the cord to connect my camera to the thought it might double as something else and there it went! Pics hopefully later


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