Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the other side of September....already

Can you believe it? I can't! I need to be thinking about Christmas. Anyway, what we have been up to...
Taylar has one more game of soccer than she is done for the season. She has had alot of fun but seems to forget that it isn't a social and takes her eyes off the ball! I finally had her pictures taken (she graduated from Kindergarten in May!) and I am so happy with them. You can see a sample at Mandie is so good at this! She made a 100% on her spelling this week on the pretest. That has been a goal of hers. (It helped that Daddy was going to take her out for icecream when she reached it) Memorization hasn't been a strong point of hers and she really is working on it this year.
Gabe is playing two more games before he is done with soccer. He has played against the Brewer kids-two buddies of his, and one is a classmate-and of course he loves that. He can stratagize and go over their plays in a debate like a pro. He got goalie gloves and of course they only help his game. He is fun to watch and right now I don't usually worry about him getting hurt. He is trying and doing so good in school. I am so proud of him. I will try to post a picture of his science project, he really has a knack for research. Part of the reason I haven't had time to post is because of all our family homework lately though.
Josiah's Black Dawgs football team has won all of their games so far. I have only been able to watch him for one game but hope to not only watch but take pics this weekend. He says the coach told him he would get to run the -ball some so he hopes that this is the game this weekend. I have been told he is fun to watch, I think so too --the times I'm not worrying! Being a 3rd grader has brought on a lot of changes and challenges for him and he is working through them.
Drew got grounded from his phone this week but other than that I have been nothing but proud. 100% twice on math papers this week. He hasn't done that in awhile, I am so proud of him for working at it. His game of football is here in Indy this weekend and Cheryl Brewer is going to take him for me. Derek is helping Kevin Weinand and family move so when Cheryl told me that she wanted to watch him play this weekend I just gave him to her for the day. Not really but it is great to know she will "have his back". So far they have only lost one game and their team gets better each week, according to Derek. He (Drew) is having fun playing and working on his skills. He is already growing out of his football pants and socks that fit him much better a couple of months ago.
Today I am so thankful for the weekend coming up, the chance to start a new week soon and that Madi will be here again tomorrow!


~njh~ said...

I love these pictures of Taylar!! Amanda did a great job, and Taylar did too! :)
I'm going to have to get a copy.
Love Ya!
Here is a message from Madi!

kcfld=]o hd=hdhpdh[chcchhhh
Love you Autie Tyra!

The Salisburys said...

Hey Tyra!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. SOOO good to here from you! We would love to come out that way sometime soon....we'll have to see.
Your kids are all grown up:( Time flies! Sounds like they are doing extra well in their school and athletics. YAY for them! You have a beautiful family!
Carla and family

Anonymous said...

The pics of Taylar are so precious! Of course Grandma thinks so - and I have the 100% spelling test on my fridge(-: Love Grandma Vashti