Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drew's New Gun


Anonymous said...

Drew - I'm here to tell you all that he worked many many hours at Woods with us to help pay for this gun and it's really rewarding to see he stuck with it!! Just don't forget Hunter's Safety!!!(-:. Love Grandma Vashti

Lauresa said...

YaY, I found you... Your children are beautiful!! I hope you are doing well. So glad to find you. I know you are busy I'm sure, but, message me when you can.

Much Love,

Madi's Mama said...

Drew has worked very hard for this!!
I'm excited that it has paid off...from what I have heard, this is QUITE the gun!!
I still need to see it in person.
Love you all!!

Madi's Mama said...

Alright...where are the Smiths!!!??
It has been a month.

JK...I know you have had an INSANLY busy month, so you are off the hook! Just wanted you to know you still have faithful readers!! :)

Love you!!

The Arender's said...

Hey Drew,
Your Aunt Adrian is proud of you. I hear you have worked really hard...and it paid off! Be safe. Can't wait to see you all again. Love all of you so much.
Tell Taylar that Alexa talks about her all the time. She loved playing with her.

The Arender's said...

Tyra- an update would be wondermous! Hey when are you all gonna come see me?!?!? Make it soon - K!