Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend update

This is Gabe's Science project assignment from a couple of weeks ago. I have zoomed in on the type in the next couple of pic's. Part of the assignment was doing the work himself, he asked questions and we helped that way, but he did the typing, cutting, pasting, and we helped with research.

This is priceless-- the way he worded this!

Good job, right Papa?

Madi loves to ride on Siah's shoulders. Siah won his football game against Sedan this weekend .

Drew's game against Cherryvale was a nailbiter. He won 7/6. He stopped a TD in the first quarter and was pretty excited about that. Lots of his friends came and watched the game. It looks like he had the girls lined up???? Definitly joking, it was really sweet of everybody to come.

Today I am thankful for my church family, esp my pastor and his message this am.


Bianca said...

You are doing great. It is always fun to see pictures of friends and family and be able to keep up even when you are a long way. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

So proud of both the boys for their great projects!! They did super. Such a sweet pic of Josiah and Madi! The girls may not be 'lined' up for him now - but look out!(-: Love you all - Grandma Vashti

Maria said...

Are they done playing games? I would like to come to some let me know what time and directions.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love dressing her up and since I found a lot of cute clothes I want to make sure wears them everyday. We do have some pj days though :)